The Pros and Cons of Purchasing A New Piano

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Purchasing a new piano

Last month we went over the pros and cons of purchasing a used piano. This month, we will focus on the purchase of a new piano. Whether you are an experienced pianist or an enthusiastic newbie, investing in a new piano so that you can sharpen your skills is an exciting endeavor. Purchasing a piano is a long-term commitment. It takes a substantial investment of both money and time to get the most out of it. So, you will want to ensure that you invest in one that is enjoyable and easy to play. Getting a new piano doesn’t always mean quality and getting a used one doesn’t always mean economical. Therefore, it’s best to start by first setting aside a budget while getting a good idea of exactly what you are looking for. Here are some of the pros and cons of purchasing a new Yamaha piano.


– Warranty

A piano is an intricate, beautiful instruments that require a lot of experience and expertise to build. Therefore, they carry a hefty price tag. Manufacturers guarantee their work to their customers and offer warranties on new instruments. The warranties can range from three years to a lifetime. This means you will enjoy your piece without any stress.

– Provides Stable Instrument for New Learners

Nothing can discourage a beginner more than out of pitch, annoying-to-play instrument. A new piano may be the best for a young child or any new leaner. Among the most challenging aspects of playing the piano is trying to play one that is out a tune. For you to avoid such inconveniences, it’s best to invest in a new piano.

– Performance

A new piano can offer years of worry-free playing if it’s well taken care of. By choosing a new instrument, you will have the opportunity of taking care of it as you deem fit. You will be able to schedule regular tuning and play it in a way that it will give you years of service.


– Costly

Buying a new piano will require a significant amount of money. Therefore, the upfront cost is quite high for a new piano. If you want to try a piano without the large up front cost, we also offer Bay Area piano rentals

– It Will Depreciate in Value

For some reasons, you might need to sell your piano at some point after several years. You will not be able to get back your initial investment since depreciation of a new piano is quite high compared to a used one.

– Limited Finishes and Style

The choice of styles and finishes of a new piano are limited. This is especially if you are looking for an older style of piano.

Bottom Line: Visit an Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealer in Bay Area Today

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